Putting on the Ritz: How an On-Premise Laundry can Benefit Your Restaurant

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Restaurant Linen

Nothing can lend a restaurant a touch of class like linens. From tablecloths to napkins, your patrons will surely be impressed when they sit down to their meal to find freshly pressed napkins. Ultimately, they can also save you on money when you no longer have to order supplies of paper napkins or worry about your tables being marred by scratches.

Miami, FL Laundry Equipment Supply

In order to maintain spotless cloths, investing in on-site laundry machines can keep you prepared during the dinner rush. World Wide Laundry is a wonderful supplier of laundry machines, parts, and service. Make sure your restaurant is well-equipped and running efficiently with a washer and dryer by ordering them with us. For more information, contact us at (305)418-4030.