Growing Your Customer Base: How to Attract Families to Your Laundromat

growing your customer base: how to attract families to your laundromat

Even the most successful laundromats should continually work to grow their customer base and increase customer loyalty. By focusing your marketing efforts on your target demographic, you can increase your success. If your laundromat is located in a residential community, follow these tips to help attract families to your laundromat:

  • Keep it Clean and Inviting. Start with the basics: your laundromat should be clean and neat, with fresh-looking paint and attractive decor. This includes keeping the parking lot free from litter and debris, keeping doors closed—no parent wants to worry about their child running out of the building when they turn their back to switch a load, keeping detergents and other cleaning chemicals sealed and out of reach, and promptly removing broken furniture. Parents will not bring children to a dirty or unsafe laundromat, no matter what other benefits you may offer.
  • Don’t Forget About the Restrooms. Many parents dread taking their children to public restrooms, so keep the restrooms clean and neat to make the experience more inviting. Provide a small step-stool to help older children access the toilet and sink, and include a changing table in each restroom—you may even consider providing a basket with a few spare diapers in various sizes and/or baby wipes for emergency situations.
  • Help Customers Carry their Laundry. Families can produce large loads of laundry, and carrying it from the car into the laundromat can be a challenge—especially with a child or two in tow. Offer a laundry valet where an attendant meets customers in the parking lot with a cart to help bring the laundry inside, and then helps return the finished laundry to the customer’s vehicle. This service alone can cause a family to drive past numerous competitors in favor of your laundromat.
  • Entertain the Children. Customers usually spend an hour or more at the laundromat, and keeping kids entertained that long can be a challenge. By providing simple entertainment, you can help parents maintain their sanity and turn kids into loyal customers.children's area in a dexter laundromat

    This can be as simple as allowing each child to select a new toy from the “Treasure Box” each visit (dollar store toys are perfect here) or dedicating a corner of the laundromat as a “Children’s Area” with soft furniture and a rug, art supplies, books, and a few toys. A handful of laundromats with extra space have even found success taking things to the next level and installing an indoor playground, similar to the ones in fast food restaurants, though this may not be an option for most businesses. Even though children aren’t your customers, they can be pretty persuasive so finding a way to win their approval can keep parents coming back time and again.

  • Keep Snacks in Stock. A hungry child can be a nightmare, both for parents and other customers. Help prevent tantrums and meltdowns by keeping kid-approved snacks in stock. Whether this means a fully-stocked vending machine or a small basket with free snacks, food is a must for attracting families to your laundromat while preventing them from driving your other customers away.
  • Give Back to the Community. Whether you sponsor a youth T-Ball team or host a fundraiser where you donate a portion of all profits over a set period of time to a local school or charitable organization, giving back regularly will help build brand recognition among families and the community at large.

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