While customers might interact with multiple machines in your laundromat, dryers are typically the last ones used and, therefore, the most memorable. A quick and efficient laundromat dryer can create a lasting impression and help make for loyal customers. At Worldwide Laundry, we sell, install, and service laundromat equipment from the industry’s leading manufacturer. With our products and expertise, we design laundry solutions that help laundromats succeed.


Worldwide Laundry is proud to sell, install, and service Dexter coin laundry equipment. Dexter laundry is renowned for their unmatched equipment quality, innovative and customizable features, and industry-leading warranties. Our service doesn’t end after the installation; if your coin laundry equipment needs maintenance or repairs down the road, you can turn to us for all your Dexter dryer parts and service needs.

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When you need a dryer that gets the job done quickly and efficiently, you can count on Dexter dryers. Laundromat customers want to get laundry clean and dry quickly, and Dexter coin laundry equipment delivers. When combined with the high-speed water extraction from Dexter washers, customers can wash and dry full loads in less than an hour while prolonging the life of their garments.

With heavy-duty construction and chrome doors, Dexter coin dryers are designed for years of use. They are designed to maximize efficiency, helping to throughput more customers and reduce utility costs for laundromat owners. Choose gas or electric powered coin dryers to suit your facility–no expensive electrical updates required. With standalone or stacking options, you can meet customer demand and maximize profitability in your laundromat business.


Manage your laundromat business anytime, anywhere with the DexterLive cloud-based software. This cutting-edge app allows you to easily program your laundromat’s equipment with custom cycles and promotional pricing to boost profitability. Real-time reporting allows you to review performance metrics, such as machine utilization, cycle selection, and more to manage day-to-day operations and drive future business strategy decisions. With remote access functionality, you can resolve issues on-the-go by resetting controls, marking machines out of service, or remote vending. The DexterLive app is available with all Dexter coin equipment, free of charge.


Attract customers and keep them coming back with the DexterPay app. With this convenient app, customers can select cycles, pay via connected credit card or bank account, and earn loyalty program rewards. There are no setup or maintenance fees for the DexterPay app–you only pay when customers use it to make a purchase.

Dexter Dryers for Laundromats are:

  • Convenient - slim profiles, reversible door options, vertical exhaust and venting, accessible exhaust cleanouts, and hinged lower service doors mean Dexter dryers are practical to install and easy to maintain.
  • Compact–stacked units save space and enable you to fit more machines in your existing footprint, boosting profitability.
  • Durable–built from high-quality materials and rigorously tested to handle the harshest laundry environments.
  • Efficient–designed to dry loads quickly and efficiently by saving time and using less gas or electricity.
  • Customizable–with the DexterLive app, you can program cycles, offer promotions, and monitor performance in real-time.
  • User-Friendly–simple controls and the optional DexterPay app enable customers to easily select cycles and pay by coin, card, or mobile app.
  • Reliable–with an industry-leading 5-year major components warranty and lifetime support, you can count on your Dexter Laundry equipment.

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