6 Common Hotel Laundry Room Mistakes and How to Fix Them

6 Common Hotel Laundry Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Clean linens are essential for a hotel’s operations, so running the laundry room efficiently and effectively is important for many areas of the business. When a hotel’s laundry facility isn’t running up to standard, it can cause supply shortages for housekeeping and negatively impact on-site amenities like a gym, spa, or pool. Consider these six common mistakes hotel laundry rooms make with tips for how to fix or avoid them to improve your operations and enhance the guest experience.

1. Poor Facility Planning

One mistake you should avoid from the start is a poor hotel laundry room design. A hotel planner may not be experienced in creating a fully operational on-premise laundry room. Some common issues include an undersized room, which forces the hotel to use too-small machines that result in inefficient operations and hazardous conditions, and a poorly located laundry room that lacks the necessary separation between guests and back-of-house, resulting in disruptive noise or machine vibration. Prevent these issues from day one by contacting a Worldwide Laundry expert. With our experience, we will help ensure every element from commercial laundry machine selection to ventilation and exhaust elements are well thought-out and optimized for your hotel.

2. Using Outdated Equipment

Operating a laundry room with antiquated equipment that’s lacking modern technology is a mistake that can lead to frequent machine malfunctions, costly repairs, inconsistent wash quality, and high utility expenses. Fix this by upgrading to Dexter’s on-premise laundry equipment. These commercial machines are designed to provide high performance and durability to meet the demands of your hotel. Dexter washers and dryers are constructed with heavy-duty bearings, cast iron housings, and sturdy welded cabinets to withstand near-constant operation. The innovative washer design includes raised baffles for superior wash action and advanced technology to optimize cycle times, temperatures, and chemical injections. Dexter dryers feature perforated tumblers for advanced airflow plus sensors to accurately detect moisture to prevent overdrying and fire response systems for added safety. These enhancements alleviate attendee monitoring for easier operating while providing a superior clean.

3. Inefficient Capacity

Running your hotel laundry equipment with linen volumes over or under the recommended capacity is a mistake that can reduce your productivity, increase inefficiency, and damage your machines. Undersized equipment can cause a backlog in your operations and lead to overfilling in an attempt to catch up, plus these too-full loads do not sanitize as they should, leading to costly rewashes. On the other hand, an oversized machine can be difficult to routinely fill, and running it below capacity increases costs by wasting utilities. Worldwide Laundry can help you correct inefficient capacities with recommendations for commercial laundry equipment for hotels that will be adequately sized for your business. Once you have your equipment up and running, prevent future capacity errors by weighing or measuring loads to ensure they are meeting the optimal volume.

4. Inadequate Labor Management

Foregoing a labor management system in your hotel laundry room is a mistake that may lead to reduced productivity and misinformed stakeholders. Utilizing commercial equipment with built-in management technology, such as Dexter’s O-Series washers, can correct these issues. Dexter’s Total Control provides reporting in real-time, tracking machine downtime, common cycles used, and other information to determine productivity by operator or shift so management can make decisions for the most effective staff and equipment.

5. Incorrect Cycle & Chemical Selection

Selecting the incorrect machine cycle, chemical timing, and temperatures are mistakes that can lead to poorly washed linens, increased linen replacement costs, and wasted labor hours. Built-in technology in commercial washers and dyers, plus expert advice from your equipment distributors, effectively minimizes these errors to maximize your laundry room’s performance. Dexter O-Series washers can be programmed with up to 100 custom cycles and 20 unique wash stages to deliver precise cleaning for everything from guest bedding and bath linens to napkins and tablecloths, plus towels for spas, pools, and other amenities. With convenient on-screen prompts, laundry operators can quickly and easily select these meticulous cycles. And with automated chemical injection, you can ensure that the appropriate wash mix is used on each cycle, providing ideal sanitation while protecting attendees from handling potentially dangerous substances. Once you have the right technology in place, you can rely on your Worldwide Laundry distributors for programming tips and tricks to streamline your operations to maximize performance and minimize errors while making everyone’s jobs easier.

6. Undertrained Staff

Inadequately training staff is a mistake that can lead to errors, inefficient practices, and higher employee turnover. Making training a priority is one way to correct these issues. When you purchase new commercial laundry equipment, you can count on Worldwide Laundry to assist with setup and provide comprehensive on-site training to ensure your staff are knowledgeable on how to properly and effectively operate it. While the controls on Dexter machines feature intuitive designs, it is still important that laundry managers allow time for proper training, including preventive maintenance and safety practices. Giving attendees adequate knowledge up front allows them to confidently and quickly select cycles to prevent downtime and avoid errors. While training might seem time-consuming, especially in an industry with high turnover rates, investing in your staff so they feel trusted and supported may be the key to employee retention, improved operations, and protected equipment.

Sidestep these avoidable mistakes and correct inefficiencies in your hotel’s laundry room with the help of Worldwide Laundry experts. Contact us to discuss your facility design, equipment upgrades, and how to take advantage of modern washer and dryer technologies to get the best productivity out of your operations and keep guests happy from check in to check out.

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