Worldwide Laundry is proud to be a leading distributor for Dexter Laundry. Commercial laundry equipment from Dexter laundry is renowned for its unmatched quality, innovative and customizable features, and industry-leading warranties. Whether you need to improve efficiency and reduce costs in your on-premise laundry facility or you want to attract customers and boost your laundromat’s bottom line, you can count on Dexter commercial washers and dryers.

Dexter commercial laundry equipment is designed to help on-premise laundry facilities improve efficiency and boost profitability. From hotels and hospitals to spas, veterinarian offices, fire departments, and more, Dexter Laundry equipment is ideal for any on-premise application.

Dexter coin washers and dryers are designed for efficiency. From the proprietary DexterLive equipment management software to the DexterPay digital payment system and industry-leading reliability, Dexter laundry equipment can help attract customers and boost your laundromat's bottom line.


Dexter programmable controls

Programmable Controls

With the user-friendly DexterLive web application, programming your equipment is easy.

On-premise laundry managers can use DexterLive to create custom cycles for sheets, towels, and other frequently-laundered loads that optimize water usage, save time, and improve efficiency while delivering a consistent clean. 

Laundromat owners use DexterLive to program cycles with specialty settings and promotional pricing that help attract loyal customers. Operators can also receive error notifications, reset equipment, and mark machines “out of order” in real time, allowing them the freedom to manage stores from anywhere.

Regardless of what type of laundry facility you manage, Dexter Laundry equipment’s custom-programmed controls can help streamline your operation and boost your bottom line.

Simple Operation

Once the controls are programmed, operating your Dexter washing machines and dryers is easy. Operators or customers can select the perfect cycle at the push of a button—no training necessary.

dexter simple operation
dexterlive remote management and reporting

Real-Time Reporting

When you have accurate machine usage reports, you can better manage your laundry facility. With the DexterLive web application, managers get real-time data and roll-up reports to help understand how their equipment is being used. With accurate reporting, on-premise laundry managers can better manage their staff, while laundromat owners can identify ways to attract more customers. 

Flexible Payment Options

Laundromat operators know that customers like choices. With DexterPay, laundromats can offer convenient mobile payment options in addition to standard coin vending, appealing to an expanded customer base and boosting customer loyalty.  

dexterpay flexible paymnet options
Dexter Laundry durability

Unmatched Durability

Dexter Laundry designs and manufactures commercial washing machines that can withstand the harshest laundry environments. From constant use and abuse to unbalanced loads and beyond, Dexter washing machines are built to last.

Industry Leading Warranties

Dexter Laundry offers an industry-leading 10-year warranty on each commercial washing machine and a 5-year warranty on each commercial dryer in addition to Worldwide Laundry’s lifetime technical support.

dexter warranty support

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