How Hotels Can Save Money on Linen Replacement Costs

How Hotels Can Save Money on Linen Replacement Costs

While hotel guests barely notice linens when they’re clean and fresh, they always notice stained sheets, frayed blankets, and rough towels. Hotel owners and managers are torn between their desire to provide high-quality linens and laundering processes that will please their guests and low-cost solutions that will benefit their bottom line. Fortunately, the experts at Worldwide Laundry have a wealth of experience in this industry, and we’re here to share 5 ways hotels can extend the life of their linens to reduce replacement costs while keeping guests happy.

  1. Launder Linens Less Frequently
    Most hotel guests do not launder their own towels and sheets between each individual use, yet the hospitality industry has set the expectation that guests should receive clean linens each day. While you should always launder linens between guests, most guests who stay for only a few evenings can reuse their linens. Institute a policy of asking guests to place soiled towels they want replaced on the floor and hanging towels they intend to reuse, and only changing bedding upon request. By laundering linens less frequently—especially linens that are still clean—you can extend their useful life while also conserving water and energy consumption, enabling your hotel to “go green” in the process.

  2. Keep Your Linens On-Premises
    If you outsource your hotel’s laundry to a laundry service, you increase the risk of your linens being misplaced, leading to costly replacement costs. By keeping your laundry operation on-premise with a dedicated laundry room, you can better keep track of each load. You also reduce turnaround time by cutting out unnecessary transportation, so you can operate your business with a lower total volume of linens, further reducing your costs.

  3. Use Custom Cycle Settings
    Never rely on a one-size-fits-all approach to laundering your linens. Hot water, harsh chemicals, excessive rinse and extraction cycles, and longer-than-necessary dry times all contribute to linen breakdown. By equipping your on-premise laundry with programmable commercial laundry equipment, like the Dexter OPL series, your hotel’s laundry employees can easily select the best cycle to thoroughly clean each load while using the gentlest settings possible, whether it’s towels, sheets, comforters, tablecloths, or other hotel linens.

  4. Upgrade Your Commercial Laundry Equipment
    If your on-premise laundry is using old, outdated equipment, your linens are not getting as clean as they should be. Modern commercial laundry equipment uses high-tech operating systems and innovative equipment designs to increase efficiency through better linen saturation, more effective rinse cycles, precise automated chemical injection, high-speed extraction to reduce dry times, and moisture sensors to avoid any unnecessary dry time. Not only can modern commercial laundry equipment help preserve the life of your linens, it delivers an exceptional clean to deliver the brighter whites, fluffier towels, and optimal stain removal that guests desire.

  5. Focus on Linen Value, Not Cost
    Despite implementation of the best practices outlined above, there will come a time when you have to replace linens. While it’s easy to select the least expensive option available, we recommend focusing on total value instead. Lower quality linens are generally less expensive, but they also degrade more quickly, leading to shorter useful lifespans and higher total replacement costs—plus, many guests can detect their poor quality, lowering their perception of your hotel accommodations and potentially reducing total bookings. By choosing higher-quality linens and taking the time to properly care for them, they can continue to look and feel like-new for years, pleasing guests and sending money straight to your bottom line.

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