Commercial Laundry Equipment for Bed & Breakfasts

When you’re operating a bed and breakfast, every detail makes a world of difference. Our commercial washers, dryers, and ironers deliver a hotel-level clean while fitting in the same space as your old washer and dryer.

Our high-efficiency washers and dryers are easy to operate and use less water and electricity per load than their standard counterparts. With the push of a button, select the appropriate wash cycle for any load - our washers even automatically inject detergents, bleach, and other wash chemicals. Our high-speed washers remove more water so you can cut dry times and increase the life of your linens. With savings on labor, utilities, and linen purchases, our commercial washers and dryers pay for themselves.

What’s good for the environment is also good for business. When your laundry equipment consumes less water and electricity, you can go green and better appeal to eco-minded guests.

Think you don’t have room for a commercial laundry system in your bed and breakfast? Think again. We offer Dexter standard-footprint commercial washers and dryers that fit in the same space as your old washer and dryer. We also offer professional design services to help determine solutions for fitting commercial laundry equipment into tight or awkward spaces.

Why choose bed and breakfast laundry equipment from Worldwide Laundry?

  • Reduce Costs
    Our commercial washers and dryers are water- and energy-efficient, saving you money on utilities.
  • Go Green
    When you use less water and energy, you help the planet while appealing to eco-minded guests.
  • Clean Linens Quickly
    Our high-speed washers and dryers are fast and easy to operate.
  • Extend the Life of your Linens
    Our programmable washers and dryers are gentle on linens, increasing their usable life.
  • Avoid Downtime
    With heavy-duty washers and dryers built to last and best-in-class product warranties, you’ll have equipment you can rely on.

Want to cut costs and go green while providing a world-class guest experience?

Contact us to speak to an expert and get a quote for your bed and breakfast laundry equipment today.