Industrial Laundry Equipment for Fire Departments

Soiled firefighter gear contains unsafe chemicals, biological agents, and particulates; our commercial washer-extractors are easy to operate and efficiently clean turnout gear to NFPA and manufacturers’ guidelines.

After battling fires and saving cities, firefighters shouldn’t have to battle to get their turnout gear clean. Our commercial washer-extractors and dryers are perfectly designed to remove chemicals, biological agents, and particulate matter from your crew’s gear to meet National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and manufacturers’ standards.

Our programmable washers deliver custom wash cycles at the press of a button. Setup is easy - customize cycles for different types of gear, including shells, liners, heavy soil cycles, and other types of firefighter Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

With high-speed cycles and efficient cleaning, you can get soiled gear clean and back in action quicker than ever. Upgrade your fire department’s laundry equipment today to keep your gear clean so your crew can focus on what matters most.

Why choose fire department laundry equipment from Worldwide Laundry?

  • Clean Gear Quickly
    Our high-speed washers and dryers are fast and easy to operate.
  • Provide a Reliable Clean
    Our programmable commercial laundry equipment ensures your crew’s equipment is cleaned to NFPA and manufacturers’ standards.
  • Protect Your Equipment
    Our efficient laundry equipment is gentle on loads so items last longer.
  • Protect Your Linens
    Our efficient laundry equipment is gentle on linens so they last longer.
  • Avoid Downtime
    With heavy-duty washers and dryers built to last and best-in-class product warranties, you’ll have equipment you can rely on.

Want to protect your squad and provide them with clean gear?

Contact us to speak to an expert and get a quote for your fire department laundry equipment today.