Commercial Laundry Equipment for Hotels & Hospitality

Hotel guests expect crisp, clean linens without exception. At Worldwide Laundry, we understand that you rely on your hotel and hospitality’s on-premises laundry equipment to keep rooms filled and guests happy. That’s why we offer commercial washers and dryers from the industry’s leading manufacturers.

Hotels turn over tons of towels, sheets, robes, tablecloths, and other linens every day. That’s why our commercial clothes washers and dryers for hotel laundries are built to endure constant use. Backed with unmatched warranties and after-sales support, you can be confident in your hotel laundry equipment.

Not only do our hotel-grade commercial washers and dryers work, they perform. Our high-speed washers deliver a consistent clean while removing more water than traditional washers, cutting drying time by up to 50 percent. Damp linens can be fed directly into flatwork ironers without dryer conditioning, providing a five-star finish fast. When linens do require a tumble dry, our commercial dryers utilize a patented moisture detection system to shorten dry time and preserve the life of your linens. With Dexter high-speed laundry equipment from Worldwide Laundry, hotels boost productivity while conserving water and electricity - a win-win for the planet and your bottom line.

Why choose hotel laundry equipment from Worldwide Laundry?

  • Go Green When you use less water and energy in your hotel laundry facility, you help the planet (and appeal to eco-minded guests!).
  • Increase Productivity Our high-speed washers and dryers save time so you can turn over linens faster with less staff.
  • Protect Your Linens Our efficient laundry equipment is gentle on linens so they last longer.
  • Reduce Costs Our commercial washers and dryers are water- and energy-efficient, saving you money on utilities.
  • Avoid Downtime With heavy-duty washers and dryers built to last and best-in-class product warranties, you’ll have equipment you can rely on.

Want to save time and money with your hotel laundry equipment?

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