Apartment Laundry Room Equipment

Many tenants rate on-premise laundry as a critical factor when choosing an apartment, condo, senior living facility, dorm, or other multi unit housing facility. An efficient on-premise laundry room can also provide additional revenue, increasing your overall profitability.

With our state-of-the-art laundry equipment and innovative design services, we can help you develop a laundry room that tenants will love. We partner with leading manufacturers, such as Dexter, to provide the best laundry equipment for every apartment building. Features such as larger-capacity washers and dryers, user-friendly controls (available in multiple languages!), and optional mobile payment apps will exceed your customers’ expectations and have them coming back again and again.

Property managers love our commercial laundry systems, too! Our efficient equipment reduces utilities while getting customers in and out quickly. With multiple configuration options, our experts can help design the best layout to maximize space, even in tight or awkward spaces.

We understand that your equipment needs to work. When washers and dryers are out of order, tenants get frustrated and you lose out on laundry revenue. That’s why our commercial laundry equipment is built to last and rigorously tested to ensure it can withstand even the harshest treatments. We stand by our products with industry-leading warranties and support so you can count on us if your equipment ever needs servicing.

Why choose multi unit laundry equipment from Worldwide Laundry?

  • Reduce Costs
    Our commercial washers and dryers are water- and energy-efficient, saving you money on utilities.
  • Go Green
    When you use less water and energy, you help the planet while appealing to eco-minded tenants.
  • Turn Over Customers Quickly
    Our high-speed washers and dryers are fast and easy to operate.
  • Go Green
    When you use less water and energy and avoid harsh chemicals in your laundromat, you help the planet (and appeal to eco-minded customers!).
  • Avoid Downtime Frustrations
    With heavy-duty washers and dryers built to last and best-in-class product warranties, you’ll have equipment you can rely on.

Multi Housing Laundry Equipment



Our Multi-Housing Laundry Equipment is Perfect For:

Large Apartment Facilities

Large apartment structures house many residents in a small space, and laundry facilities are very important in making your guests feel at home. For bigger apartment facilities, Dexter recommends a central laundry located on the main floor of your structure with one Dexter washer and one Dexter dryer for every 20 units.

High-Rise Apartments

High-rise apartments are very common and popular. Depending upon the height of the structure, the laundry can be concentrated in one large area or in several smaller locations throughout the building. One Dexter washer and one dryer are recommended for every 20 units.

Small, Low-Rise, or Garden Apartments Complexes

For these smaller housing facilities, laundry locations can vary by layout but are usually located in convenient common areas. One Dexter washer and one Dexter dryer pair are recommended for every 8 to 12 apartment units.

Condos, Co-ops, Senior Centers, Assisted Living, and Communal Living

For planned communities, centralized laundry rooms or small laundry areas with matching washers and dryers are the most common. Usually, these establishments are amenity-oriented, offering folding tables and vending machines for the tenants’ convenience. One Dexter washer and one Dexter dryer are recommended for every 8 to 12 residences.

Military Housing, Dorms, and Barracks

Dexter washers are found on military bases worldwide and are popular on bases, ships, and barracks for their heavy-duty design and durability. Small laundry areas or larger central laundries both work in this type of facility depending on layout. Non-metered equipment is usually required. One washer and one dryer set are recommended for every 20 military personnel.

University Dorms, Residence Halls, and Student Apartment Complexes

Student housing involves many people in small quarters, and central laundry rooms are both a convenience and a necessity. Many of these residents are doing their own laundry for the first time. Dexter is popular with these customers because its machines are easy to use. For student residence halls and dorms, one washer and one dryer are recommended for every 30 to 40 students.

Guest Laundry (Ideal for Marinas, Campgrounds, Truck Stops, Etc.)

These guests are on the go and chances are, they have laundry with them that they need to clean. By putting in an on-site guest laundry, you are providing an attractive service that helps draw more visitors to your location. This is a valuable source of additional revenue. Ask your Dexter Authorized Distributor about how multi-housing laundry equipment can improve your business.

Want to attract tenants and generate an additional revenue stream?

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