Commercial Washers & Dryers for Spas, Salons, & Health Clubs

Spas, salons, and health clubs provide a relaxing environment for patrons, and clean linens are paramount to that experience. Our commercial washers and dryers can quickly clean large loads of towels, robes, sheets, and other linens, saving you time and money.

When your employees are focused on your guests, you need laundry equipment that is fast and user-friendly. Our commercial washers and dryers can be programmed with automatic wash cycles, including automatic chemical injection. When you can get the perfect wash at the touch of a button, anyone can manage your facility’s laundry.

Not only are our Dexter commercial washers and dryers easy to use, they’re also energy-efficient. High-speed washers process loads quickly while using less water than traditional washing machines. They also remove more water during the spin cycle so your linens can be dried in a fraction of the time. Save money on utilities and appeal to eco-conscious guests by going green - a win-win for your salon, spa, or health club!

Don’t think you have space for commercial laundry equipment? Think again! With their slim profiles, our commercial washers and dryers can fit in any spa, salon, or health club, even when you have limited space. We also offer professional design services to help determine solutions for fitting commercial laundry equipment into tight or awkward spaces.

Why choose salon, spa, and health club laundry equipment from Worldwide Laundry?

  • Reduce Costs
    Our commercial washers and dryers are water- and energy-efficient, saving you money on utilities.
  • Go Green
    When you use less water and energy, you help the planet while appealing to eco-minded guests.
  • Clean Linens Quickly
    Our high-speed washers and dryers are fast and easy to operate.
  • Provide a Reliable Clean
    Our programmable commercial laundry equipment ensures a thorough clean every time.
  • Avoid Downtime
    With heavy-duty washers and dryers built to last and best-in-class product warranties, you’ll have equipment you can rely on.

Want to provide a reliable clean while going green?

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