Manufacturer Spotlight: Dexter Laundry, Inc.

Manufacturer Spotlight: Advantages of Dexter Laundry, Inc.

There are a variety of commercial laundry equipment manufacturers, each claiming to be the best. But at Worldwide Laundry, we have been proudly recommending Dexter Laundry equipment to our on-premise laundry and laundromat clients for many years, and for good reason. Our clients want quality that they can count on for the long haul, and Dexter delivers. 

Are Dexter Commercial Washers Good?

Yes, Dexter commercial washers are good—in fact, many commercial laundry clients consider them to be the best in the industry. Dexter engineers and manufactures washing machines for durability, reliability, efficiency, and user-friendliness. Their high-quality components and cutting-edge technology help commercial laundries save time and money while boosting revenue. And with their 1,000 hour out-of-balance load test, lifetime technical support, and warranty coverage, customers can feel confident choosing Dexter washers. 

How Long do Dexter Commercial Washers Last?

Dexter offers a 10-year limited warranty on major washer components, so you can expect your Dexter washer to last at least 10 years. While equipment upkeep and usage will impact your washer’s usable lifespan, we have met many clients whose Dexter commercial washers are over 15 years old and still functioning like-new. In fact, most clients who replace their old Dexter laundry equipment do so because they want washers with new features that incorporate the latest technology—not because the old washers stop working. 

How Long Do Dexter Dryers Take?

While dry time varies based on the load size, linen type, drying temperature, and initial moisture level, Dexter commercial dryers can dry most loads within 30–40 minutes. For optimal dry times, be sure to launder your items in a Dexter washer that will efficiently extract moisture from your load, reducing dry times and thereby extending the life of your linens. 

For extra-fast cycles, choose a stacked washer-dryer from Dexter. Not only do these units save space, but they reliably wash and dry most loads in 60 minutes or less. 

Where are Dexter Washing Machines Made?

Since 1894, Dexter washing machines and dryers have been made in America. The company was established in Dexter, Iowa, before moving to their current home of Fairfield, Iowa in 1908. 

What Makes Dexter so Successful in the Commercial Laundry Business?

There are a variety of factors fueling Dexter’s success in the commercial laundry business, and it all comes down to values. As a 100% employee-owned company, Dexter puts quality over cost, designing commercial washers and dryers to improve efficiencies, boost profits, and last for the long haul. In fact, Dexter Laundry, Inc. is ISO 9001:2015 certified, meaning they meet strict third-party quality management standards. 

Countless satisfied laundromat owners and on-premise laundry managers can attest to the unbeatable quality of Dexter Laundry equipment. And with their innovative technology, like the DexterLive equipment management platform and DexterPay mobile laundromat payment app, Dexter products continue to outshine their competitors. 

What is DexterPay?

DexterPay is a mobile payment app for laundromat owners. This innovative app seamlessly connects with the DexterLive equipment management platform, enabling laundromat managers to easily track equipment usage, modify cycle settings, offer promotional pricing, and more. Laundromat customers can use DexterLive to select and upgrade their cycles, pay with a credit or debit card, and earn loyalty points from the convenience of their mobile phones. And the best part is that all new Dexter Laundry equipment is DexterPay-compatible, and the platform is free to implement—laundromat owners only pay a small transaction fee.