Central Laundries

Proper laundry facilities are an important part of any neighborhood. People from all walks of life need laundromats and central laundries to get their laundry done. Coin laundries make a great impact in your community. They are also a valuable source of revenue!


Worldwide Laundry offers high-quality coin laundry equipment. We know you want to minimize your energy and water usage. That’s why you’ll find efficient Dexter equipment in coin-operated laundromats around the world.


Large Apartment Facilities

Large apartment structures are perfect places for coin laundry operations. For bigger apartment facilities, Dexter recommends a central laundry located on the main floor of your structure with one Dexter washer and one Dexter dryer for every 20 units.


High-Rise Apartments

High-rise apartments hold a large number of residents in a small space, and high-quality, coin laundry facilities are very important in making your guests feel at home. One Dexter washer and one dryer are recommended for every 20 units.


Small, Low-Rise, or Garden Apartments Complexes

For these smaller housing facilities, coin laundry locations can vary by layout but are usually located in convenient common areas. One Dexter washer and one Dexter dryer pair are recommended for every 8 to 12 apartment units.


Condos, Co-ops, Senior Centers, Assisted Living, and Communal Living

For planned communities, centralized coin laundry rooms or small laundry areas with matching washers and dryers are the most common. Usually, these establishments are amenity-oriented, offering folding tables and vending machines for their tenants’ convenience. One Dexter washer and one Dexter dryer are recommended for every 8 to 12 residences.


Military Housing, Dorms, and Barracks

Dexter coin laundry equipment is found on military bases worldwide and is popular on bases, ships, and barracks for its heavy-duty design and durability. Small laundry areas or larger central laundries both work in these types of facilities. Non-metered equipment is usually required. One washer and one dryer set are recommended for every 20 military personnel.


University Dorms, Residence Halls, and Student Apartment Complexes

Student housing involves many people in small quarters, and central coin laundry rooms are convenient and necessary. Many residents are doing their own laundry for the first time and Dexter is popular with these customers because its machines are easy to use. For student residence halls and dorms, one coin washer and one dryer are recommended for every 30 to 40 students.


Dexter’s durable designs are meant to take many years of use and abuse and can fit in tight spaces, including through a standard 36″ doorway. That’s why you’ll find Dexter coin laundry equipment in schools and universities worldwide.


Guest Laundry (Ideal for Marinas, Campgrounds, Truck Stops, Etc.)

These guests are on the go and chances are, they have laundry with them that they need to clean. By putting in an on-site guest laundry, you are providing an attractive service that helps draw more visitors to your location. This is also a valuable source of additional revenue. Ask your Dexter Authorized Distributor about how a coin or card guest laundry can improve your business.


Drop-Off Laundries and Cleaners

As a specialist in caring for your customers’ clothing, you need laundry equipment that provides maximum performance while taking up minimal space. Our washers and dryers fit through a standard 36″ doorway, and our energy-efficient design can cut your laundry’s utility costs by as much as 60%. Auto-injection capabilities eliminate the need for adding chemicals manually and reduce chemical overuse and waste.


Flexible programming allows you to adjust your cycles for custom items such as rugs or comforters, add chemical injections when needed, and operate plus cycles when needed for heavily soiled items. Easy, push-button operation allows your employees to operate with little training required!


Dexter washers have extraction speeds of up to 200 G-Force which can dramatically cut your dry times by as much as 40%. These savings will dramatically cut your gas consumption and allow you quicker turnover, reducing your labor costs.


Sell Service and Commercial Laundries

Whether you’re new to the commercial laundry industry or a seasoned pro, you’ve found the opportunity that the coin laundry industry has to offer and as a commercial laundry owner, you have many needs and choices. Choosing a distributor partner, commercial laundry equipment, laundry management system, and equipment financing are all important business decisions. 


Here are just a few ways Dexter and Worldwide Laundry can help you succeed with your coin laundry:


Durability and Reliability

Lasting quality means you’re investing versus spending on laundry equipment. Dexter commercial laundry equipment is built using heavy-duty, oversized, commercial-rated components. Their machines are designed to run efficiently and continuously, 24 hours a day. Dexter machines show up for work, ready for anything.


Dexter engineers use, abuse, and try to destroy a mechanical design before ever calling it a Dexter. They assume the very worst operating conditions, and engineer accordingly.


Dexter commercial and industrial washers all have to pass a 1,000-hour out-of-balance durability test. For this test, they take half the rated machine capacity, place it in one section of the cylinder, and run the washer at its highest spin speed for 42 days non-stop. No component can fail. Every commercial washer design that Dexter sells has passed this test. You can rest easy knowing your new Dexter can handle anything for many years to come.


Performance and Utility Efficiency

Greater efficiency equals a better profit margin on every cycle. Dexter continuously improves the performance of their professional laundry products because the most successful commercial laundry owners demand profitable results. Dexter industrial-strength washers spin faster to extract more water from a load, conserving your drying energy. They made variable frequency drives standard on their washers because they can save you up to 60% on electricity. The dryers feature heat reclamation to improve drying efficiency. The list of performance features goes on and on. The bottom line: better-performing equipment saves time, money, and natural resources. Less waste equals more profit for you, the commercial coin laundry owner.


Simplified Installation and Competitive Financing

We are continuously trying to make Dexter commercial laundry equipment easier to purchase, less expensive to install, and more economical to operate.


To save you installation time and money, Dexter-engineered commercial washers operate on single or three-phase power that requires smaller electrical circuits and draws fewer AMPS. These features alone can save you thousands on expensive utility upgrades from your local electric company. For your customers’ safety and convenience, Dexter made emergency stop buttons standard on every washer.


Dexter popular stack dryers require a single gas connection, a single electrical connection, and even include a ventilation kit to simplify your ductwork. Dexter integrated the Easy Card payment system into every machine to save you installation and set-up time.


Through Dexter Financial Services, Worldwide Laundry offers flexible laundromat equipment financing solutions at competitive rates. You can choose between a loan or a lease and fixed versus variable interest rates.


Worldwide Laundry has built hundreds of successful self-service laundries. Contact Worldwide Laundry today for a free professional laundry consultation of your facility!