Drop-Off Laundries and Cleaners

As a specialist at caring for your customer’s clothing, you need laundry equipment that provides maximum performance while taking up minimal space. Our washers and dryers fit through a standard 36″ doorway, and our energy efficient design can cut your laundry’s utility costs by as much as 60%. Auto injection capabilities eliminate the need for adding chemicals manually and reduce chemical overuse and waste.

Flexible programming allows you to adjust your cycles as needed for custom items such as rugs or comforters, add chemical injection when needed, and to operate plus cycles when needed for heavily soiled items. Easy, push button operation allows your employees to operate with little training required!

Dexter washers have a extraction speeds of up to 200 G-Force which can dramatically cut your dry times by as much as 40%. This savings will dramatically cut your gas consumption and allow you quicker turnover, reducing your labor costs.

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