Beauty & Hair Care

Beauty, Spa & Hair Care Laundry Equipment

Those towels, robes and other linens just seem to accumulate don’t they? Are you tired of hauling them home to wash or to the corner Laundromat? Dexter has many different solutions for you to keep on top of your laundry so you can focus on your customers.

By handling your soiled towels, robes and other laundry, you can minimize your cleaning costs and have your linens ready on-site whenever you need them. While domestic washers and dryers are not able to handle your larger workloads, Dexter can give you an easy and effective way to care for your large laundry loads on a regular basis.

Big capacity in smaller spaces

While residential style washers are too small for your needs, Dexter’s on-premise industrial product line offers many sizes and models to meet your laundry demands, while working with a limited amount of space. All Dexter models fit through a standard 36″ doorway and stack washer/dryer and stack dryer models are available for small areas.

Save time and money

Are your towels and robes available when you need them? If not, then installing your own on-site laundry with Dexter equipment may be the answer. You’ll avoid the heavy costs of outsourcing your laundry, avoid lost items and have the ability to control when your linens are available. With flexible cycles and fast drying times, you can adjust your turnaround times and customize the cycles to meet with your particular laundry needs.

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