Prison & Correctional Facilities

Heavy-duty laundry  requires heavy-duty equipment and Dexter can provide the equipment you need to remove  the toughest stains from your toughest residents. Your laundry needs to be  durable, and reliable to keep linens and clothing clean—and to minimize the  spread of diseases that can occur in congregate living.

  • Energy efficient. With many correctional  facilities facing limited budgets, finding cost effecting laundry equipment is  important. With extraction speeds of 100 to 200 G-Force, Dexter washers can  remove more water cutting your drying time and gas costs significantly. A  sump-free design reduces water usage and Dexter’s variable frequency  drive controls electrical usage allows upi to cut your laundry’s utility  expenses by as much as 60%.
  • Ease of use and lock out ability on controls. Since  inmates often operate the laundry equipment, our Dexter laundry equipment is  easy to use and offers lock-out safety features. Dexter’s durable design  and easy programming is ideal for correctional facility laundries including  those where inmates operate the laundry equipment. Easy to use and with built  in safety features, Dexter’s washers and dryers can help you maintain  longevity on laundry and short, adjustable cycles allow for maximum  productivity.
  • Ease of installation, fits through a standard 36” doorway.  Dexter equipment is easy to install. Single gas, electrical and venting  connections simplify installation and extra large lint screens are easy to  clean and maintain. All Dexter equipment fits through a standard 36”  doorway and stacked units are available for areas with limited space.
  • Automatic Chemical Injection. To ensure the right  cleaning chemicals and softeners are used at the appropriate water temperature  and cycle, Dexter offers automatic chemical injection capabilities on their  industrial washers—an essential feature for proper removal of stains and  other contaminants. Auto injection eliminates the need for adding chemicals  manually and chemical overuse and waste—simplifying operation for inmates  and keeping dangerous chemicals out of reach. It ensures items are properly  cleaned every time! Typically, automatic chemical injection can result in a  significant savings in detergent costs.
  • Made in the U.S.A., built with Union labor and Employee owned. Because  many correctional facilities are government owned, buying American made is very  important and often required! All Dexter washers and dryers are made in our  factory in Fairfield, Iowa with union labor, and our company is  100% employee owned.
  • Durable, “Overbuilt” Designs. Laundry  equipment in the correctional environment needs to be able to take abuse and  Dexter is more than ready for the task. All Dexter laundry equipment is built  using heavy-duty, over-sized, commercial rated components. Our machines are  designed to run efficiently, continuously, 24 hours per day. Cycle after cycle,  year after year.

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