Your business is an active one with a constant need for clean towels and uniforms. Worldwide Laundry can help you keep up with your continuous laundry needs. Dexter’s on-premise laundry equipment will keep your laundry sharp, clean, and consistent in color. Short, adjustable cycle times allow you to customize for your particular laundry needs. Additionally, automatic injection capabilities protect your prized uniforms and jerseys, keeping their colors bright.


  • Industrial Capacity in a Limited Space. While typical residential-style washers are too small for your needs, Dexter’s on-premise industrial product line offers many sizes and models to meet your laundry demands while working with a limited amount of space. All Dexter models fit through a standard 36” doorway and stack washer/dryer models are available for small areas. 
  • Save Time and Money. Are your towels and uniforms available when you need them? If not, then installing your own on-site laundry with Dexter equipment may be the answer. You’ll avoid the heavy costs of outsourcing your laundry, avoid lost items, and gain the ability to control when your linens are available. With flexible cycles and fast drying times, you can adjust your laundry turnaround times and customize cycles to meet your laundry needs.
  • Energy and Staffing Efficient. Highly efficient Dexter washer-extractors are perfect for tackling any cleaning job. In the process, they cut utility and labor expenses and dramatically improve laundry productivity. We understand that most athletic operations are concerned with improving laundry production and properly washing a variety of items thoroughly and consistently. In other words, game-day uniforms are sharp, clean, and consistent in color.
  • Automatic Chemical Injection. To ensure the right cleaning chemicals and softeners are used at the appropriate water temperature and cycle, Dexter offers automatic chemical injection capabilities on their industrial washers. This is an essential feature for the proper removal of stains and other contaminants. Automatic chemical injections and high-speed extract are critical to a consistent wash every time. Auto-injection eliminates the need for adding chemicals manually and chemical overuse and waste. This simplifies operations for staff and keeps dangerous chemicals out of reach. It ensures that your items are properly cleaned! Typically, automatic chemical injections result in significant savings in detergent costs.

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