Not only are you regularly serving up delicious food, but you are also serving up a big impression. Keeping your aprons, napkins, and assorted linens in premium condition is an important part of your success. Dexter equipment and Worldwide Laundry can help you keep cooking up the success that has helped your business grow.


Need to keep your linens looking their best, but are getting frustrated with the high cost of outsourcing them for cleaning? By handling your own laundry onsite, you can minimize costs, control quality, and have your linens available when you need them.


While domestic washers and dryers are not able to handle your larger workloads, Dexter can give you an easy and effective way to care for your large laundry loads on a regular basis.


Big Capacity in Smaller Spaces

While residential-style washers are too small for your needs, Dexter’s on-premise industrial product line offers many sizes and models to meet your laundry demands, while working with a limited amount of space. All Dexter models fit through a standard 36″ doorway and stack washer/dryer models are available for small areas.

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