On-premise laundry facilities are the backbone of many businesses. Whether your hotel needs clean linens for guests or your athletic facility needs fresh pads for athletes, you need a washing machine that can get the job done. At Worldwide Laundry, we sell, install, commercial washing machines from the industry’s leading manufacturer. With our products and expertise, we can design a laundry solution for any on-premise laundry need.


Worldwide Laundry is proud to sell, install, and service Dexter Laundry equipment for on-premise laundry clients. Dexter laundry is renowned for their unmatched equipment quality, innovative and customizable features, and industry-leading warranties.

Programmable Controls
Whether you choose the simplicity of the 6-Series or robust customizability of the O-series, you can easily program your Dexter washing machines with help from the free DexterLive web application. Custom wash cycles are easy for anyone to operate and help save your facility time and money.

Unmatched Durability
Dexter Laundry designs and manufactures their commercial washing machines to withstand the harshest laundry environments. From constant use to unbalanced loads, Dexter washing machines are built to last.

10-Year Manufacturer Warranty
Dexter Laundry offers an industry-leading 10-year warranty on each commercial washing machine, in addition to Worldwide Laundry’s lifetime technical support.