ADC EcoDry Series Dryers (On-Premise)

ADC EcoDry-Series 20 Pound single Pocket ES-20

ADC EcoDry-Series 35 Pound single Pocket ES-35

ADC EcoDry-Series 50 Pound single Pocket ES-50

ADC EcoDry-Series 75 Pound single Pocket ES-76

ADC EcoDry-Series 20 Pound Double Pocket ES-3030

ADC EcoDry-Series 30 Pound Double Pocket ES-3131

ADC EcoDry-Series 35 Pound Double Pocket ES-3535

ADC EcoDry-Series 50 Pound Double Pocket ES-5050

ADC’s EcoDry dryers illustrate our passion for innovative design and a constant pursuit of perfection. Designed with many of the standard features that have made ADC the leader in commercial and industrial dryers, the EcoDry dryer is our most energy efficient while ensuring optimum dry times and thru-put. Now on-premise laundries can go green without compromise.