Dexter Commercial Express Laundry Washer (On Premise)

Dexter T-350 C Series Double Load 20 Pound Commercial OPL Express Washers

Dexter T-450 C Series Triple Load 30 Pound Commercial OPL Express Washers

Dexter T-750 C Series Triple Load 50 Pound Commercial OPL Express Washers

Dexter T-950 C Series Mega Load 60 Pound Commercial OPL Express Washers

Dexter T-1450 C Series Mega Load 90 Pound Commercial OPL Express Washers

Dexter Stack Washer-Dryer Commercial OPL Express (SWD)

For laundry managers looking for the perfect combination of performance and affordability, Dexter EXPRESS washers are a great choice.  EXPRESS models spin twice as fast as our non-Express models and deliver a powerful 200G-force final extract.  Experienced laundry managers understand the productivity benefits of greater extract speed; faster drying and lower energy usage, but they also understand that there is a diminishing return on higher and higher spin speeds.  The 200G-force delivered by Dexter EXPRESS models hits the “sweet-spot” in spin-out performance, delivering great moisture removal performance without the added cost for higher speeds that actually deliver minimal moisture removal performance on many linen types.  When laundry managers look closely at the types of loads they are processing, many find that the impact of spin speeds greater than 200G-force is minimal, but the equipment cost can be substantial.

Like our non-Express models, our 200G-force EXPRESS washers feature Dexter’s easy-to-use 6-cycle microprocessor control.  This control comes standard with 6 preset cycles, and also gives laundry managers the ability to quickly and easily modify the most popular parameters of any cycle, and to save them for future use.

  • Cycle Time – for each wash or rinse (up to 8 baths, 0-15 minutes)
  • Bath Temperature – Hot, Warm, Cold, no water
  • Water Level – High, Low, Empty
  • Spin Time – up to 10 minutes
  • Injection Source – 4 supplies plus combinations of 1-4

For ease of programming, Dexter 6-cycle washers feature wireless infra-red communication and Palm programming capability to make programming changes fast and easy.  These models also feature key lock access  to control who makes programming changes on your equipment. When looking for great performance, laundry managers should not have to settle for anything less than the best when it comes to comes to quality and  durability.  All EXPRESS models feature the rugged construction and durability that Dexter is famous for:

  • 304 Stainless steel inner cylinder, outer tub, top,  front, and side panels
  • Extra heavy duty welded base frame made of structural steel
  • Over-size shaft and permanently lubricated bearings
  • Backed by the strongest warranty in the industry