Dexter Commercial Laundry Washer (On-Premise)

Dexter T-300 C Series Double Load 20 Pound Commercial OPL Washers

Dexter T-400 C Series Triple Load 30 Pound Commercial OPL Washers

Dexter T-600 C Series Maxi Load 40 Pound Commercial OPL Washers

Dexter T-900 C Series Mega Load 60 Pound Commercial OPL Washers

Dexter T-1200 C Series Magnum Load 80 Pound Commercial OPL Washers

Dexter C-series on-premise washers are available with basic 6 cycle or advanced 30 cycle controls. Featuring a simple interface, flexible programs, and soap injection technology, these controls can help you create the perfect wash cycles to fit your needs.

The core of each washer is still as rugged and durable as ever. Each model has undergone our rigorous 1,000 hour out-of-balance test and our customers have been putting them through their paces for years. To ensure that you have the best product available we have taken the best features and incorporated them across the entire line up.

Our line includes standard 100G extract and Express 200G extract washer models so you will be sure to find the perfect combination for your laundry. All of our washers feature adjustable final extract speeds and many other customizable options that make them flexible and perfect for almost any installation. With lifetime technical support and an industry leading 10 year limited warranty, you can be confident that we will stand behind every washer you invest in.