Fagor Hydro Extractor [Spin-Dryer] (ON-PREMISE)


The spin-dryer is the essential complement to complete the washing process with a standard spin washer extractor. After spinning, the linen will have a sufficiently low degree of humidity to move on to a rotary dryer or an ironing-drying machine for drying. Stainless steel drum and cover. External white lacquered steel unit. Automatic braking of drum. Timer for 15-minute spin cycles. Hatch opening safety device. Drum and motor in floating suspension. Includes elements for anchorage to ground (required).


State-of-the-art washing machines that, true to our philosophy, combine the latest technologies with top quality components and materials. Equipped with the latest in WET CLEANING and systems for saving water and energy and reducing the use of chemical products. Easy-to-use with an intuitive programming system that allows us to work with any type of laundry, ranging from dry cleaners and self-service launderettes to commercial, hospital and industrial laundries. Our latest addition is the inclusion of an innovative generation of standard spin washing machines, which completes our high and fast spin washing machine options. We also have the sanitary barrier washing machines, specially designed for use in the protection and hygienisation of garments for any type of hospital, clinic or residential home.

Models & Specifications

ico_pdf CE-15 15 / 33 1500 1,10 665x665x949
ico_pdf CE-9 9 /20 1500 0,60 586x586x831