Card & Coin Operated Stacked Washer Dryer Combos

When space is limited and demand is high, stacked washer and dryer sets are the key to satisfied customers and increased revenues. At Worldwide Laundry, we sell, install, and service a variety of laundromat washers and dryers so we can provide the best product mix to fit your business’s needs. Our experts have decades of experience outfitting laundromats with coin op laundry equipment that attracts customers, reduces overhead expenses, and helps laundromats succeed. We are proud to offer coin laundry equipment from Dexter Laundry, one of the industry’s leading manufacturers.

Dexter Laundry Equipment

Worldwide Laundry is proud to sell, install, and service Dexter coin operated laundry equipment. Dexter laundry is renowned for their unmatched equipment quality, innovative and customizable features, and industry-leading warranties.

Dexter Laundromat Equipment Catalog

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