ADC i-Series Dryers (VENDED)

ADC I-Series 35 Pound single Pocket AD-35i

ADC I-Series 50 Pound single Pocket AD-50i

ADC I-Series 80 Pound single Pocket AD-80i

ADC I-Series 120 Pound single Pocket AD-120i

ADC I-Series 30 Pound Double Pocket AD-30x2Ri

ADC I-Series 45 Pound Double Pocket AD-45x2Ri

ADC’s pursuit of creating the perfect dryer is now approaching a half century. As the first company to introduce stack dryers to the industry and the first to utilize computers in commercial dryers, the all-new Intelligent Dryer Series continues the legacy of cutting edge technology with unsurpassed reliability. We’ve designed the ultimate drying machine, engineered with the owner in mind.