Dexter Commercial Dryers (Vended)

Dexter T-30 Commercial Dryers

Dexter T-55 Commercial Dryers

Dexter T-80 Commercial Dryers

Dexter T-30×2 & T-50×2 Commercial Dryers

Dexter Commercial Stacked Washer Dryer

In today’s competitive market, top-performing dryers are something that will set your store apart from your competition. With large-capacity fully perforated cylinders, balanced airflow and heat input, combined with just the right amount of air recirculation for superior energy efficiency, Dexter dryers deliver performance that keeps customers coming back. So while they look great on the outside with polished chrome doors and stainless steel front panels, it’s the super-fast drying that your customer will appreciate most.

Dexter dryers are designed, tested and manufactured to ensure superior performance and dependable operation under the most demanding conditions. With a welded steel cabinet for long lasting durability, and painted inside-and-out for superior corrosion resistance, and featuring commercial grade components, like welded steel spider & shaft cylinder supports, over-sized bearings, and heavy duty cast iron bearing housings, Dexter dryers are built to run, and built to last a generation. We put more into them, so you get more out of them.