Dexter Commercial Express Laundry Washer C-Series (Vended)

Dexter T-350 Express C Series Commercial 20 Pound Washers

Dexter T-450 Express C Series Commercial 30 Pound Triple Load Washers

Dexter T-750 C Series Express 50 Pound Commercial Washers

Dexter T-950 C Series Express 60 Pound Commercial Washers

Dexter T-1450 C Series Express 90 Pound Commercial Washers

Dexter Express C Series Commercial Stack Washer-Dryer (SWD)

Dexter EXPRESS washers are an investment in the success of your business. They don’t just look great on the outside with polished chrome doors and all AISI 304 stainless steel top, front and side panels; they are even better on the inside. Featuring commercial grade components, like over-sized bearings and heavy duty bearing housings, Dexter washers are built to run, and built to last.

Dexter EXPRESS washers are designed for maximum efficiency and feature our sump-less outer tub design to save water on every cycle, as well as variable frequency drive technology to lower noise, improve performance and lower electrical usage. EXPRESS washers also feature a final spin speed of 200 G-Force, double the G-Force of non-EXPRESS models. This higher spin speed saves even more time, energy and money in the drying process. And faster drying is something customers notice and appreciate, and it keeps them coming back! Cycle after cycle, year after year, your EXPRESS washers will show up for work ready to take on the workload of the most demanding self-service laundry operation.

All Dexter washers feature an easy-to-use emergency stop button for peace of mind. The simple 3-2-1 countdown and audible signal prevents nuisance activations, but still allows the cycle to be stopped quickly in the event of an emergency.