Dexter Commercial Express Laundry Washer SWD C-Series (Vended)

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Dexter C-series stack washer-dryers are powered by DexterLive controls and come with free access to, our smart new web app. This dynamic pair will help you customize your equipment for maximum revenue generation and make it easier for you to track and manage your business anywhere, anytime, on any device.


The core of this duo is still as rugged and durable as ever. Each model has undergone rigorous testing and our customers have been putting them through their paces for years. To ensure that you have the best product available we have taken our best features and created a unit that offers a full laundry solution in a small space. With lifetime technical support and an industry leading 10 year limited warranty, you can be confident that we will stand behind every stack washer-dryer you invest in.


Dexter stack washer-dryers can process a triple load of laundry from dry-to-dry in less than one hour. The high speed extract washer and efficient dryer make a perfect pair when it comes to processing laundry fast and more efficiently.


Adjustable final extract speeds and other customizable options allow Dexter stack washer-dryers to fit almost any installation.